Titan giant extended

According to legend the Titans were the first of the Immortals created by A-dui. They were created when he pulled fistfuls of rich loam from the riverbeds and coastal lands, shaped them into large humanoids, and wiped their skin with his saliva. This creation, along with that of the Sidhe, the Great Wyrms, and the Chthons, is called The Awakening.

The Titans were a large humanoid people. Strong in build, they also had an innate talent for magic, as did all of the Immortals. This was the gift of A-dui’s touch. They excelled in building and settled in the river valleys and coastline of the world. In the early years of the world, The Age of Paradise, they took pleasure in building great building and wonders, even if they had no need of them. They also took joy in creating order around them, in both their constructions and in their knowledge.

After A-dui left the world and with the arrival of the Firstborn, the Titans took a special interest in the Giants, instilling in them many of the same attributes and traits that they possessed. Thus the Giantish culture has its roots in the culture of the Titans.

After the War of the Immortals, the Titans proposed The Accord of Withdrawal and were the first of the Immortals to leave the physical world of Mire-Brissay for an alternate plane. The Titans departed to Hara Berezaiti, the High Watchpost, where they await the return of A-dui, the defeat of evil, and the renovation of the world.


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