People who inspired my gaming

I have had the pleasure of playing in several gaming groups that have had an impact on me.

I first learned to play D&D in college with a group of 6 to 10 fellow students. The person I actually learned the game from, after I wandered into a session where a Flaming Tongue was being described, became my best friend for 25 years – Ian Sharpe. My preferred style of play, and my view on home-brew systems as the ideal were formed during these years in college. Ian passed away 10 years ago, but you will see homages to him in my world.

I also had an extended run with the Corvis Monkey Troupe in Seattle. This group of friends played a wide variety of games, though seldom D&D, and I had the chance to experience a range of DMing styles and dabble a bit myself. In particular Matt Borselli was very inventive in how he would present the story to us during the game.

Most recently I have played with a group in San Jose and I have been struck by the elaborate settings that the DM, Michael McPartland, has created for us.

People who inspired my gaming

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