According to The Book of Ages written by the sage, the Immortals were the first sentient creatures created by A-dui, the Uncreated God creator of Mire-Brissay. They were created from handful of earth and one of his breaths.

The four groups of Immortals were:

  • The Titans were the first of the Immortals and were created from the rich soil of the river valleys and coast.
  • The Sidhe were shaped from the earth of the primordial forests.
  • The Great Wyrms were fewer in number and made from the rocks and dirt of the mountains and hills.
  • The last of the Immortals, the Chthons, were formed of the magma drawn from deep below the surface.

All of the Immortals groups were limited in number, no more than 500 of each, and while immortal they could not have children to expand their numbers. The Immortals are also called The Unborn, referring to their creation rather than birth, and The Ancients in reference to the fact that they left Mire-Brissay before documented history.


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