The race of Elves are one of the Firstborn races. They generally live in the forests and wooded lands of Mire-Brissay. In their own language, Elvish, they name themselves Aos Si which means the People of the Forest. Elves were found by the Sidhe. They were raised with the same appreciation of the living world as the Sidhe had and gained an easy facility with magic.


Physical Description

Elves, both female and male, tend to be about human height with individuals being taller or shorter. They are thinner than humans, with a somewhat angular appearance in their faces accentuated by long pointed ears, which are their signature feature. They tend to be fairer of skin and hair with white, blond, red, and brown hair being most prevalent. There is very little difference in appearance between males and females, to the extent that males are viewed by other races as almost androgynous. Elves tend to be a little quicker and more dexterous than humans, perhaps due to spending their lives among the trees of the forest.

Personality and Characteristics

Elves present sometimes contradictory characteristics to individuals of other races. They are concerned with the living and the protection of life, but they are more cautious in their actions which can come across as uncaring. Rather this behavior stems from taking a very long-term view of life and realizing how intertwined every action is. Individually elves are friendly and kind. They may appear to be introspective and quiet, but in larger groups their social nature becomes much more apparent. Elves put the good of their society and the good of the world before their own needs.

Relations with other Races

  • Elves are wary of Giants distrusting their desire to transform the natural land into buildings, cities, and other constructions. However they do accept that Giants can be negotiated with.
  • They have a strong hatred of the Demondim due to a long memory of the atrocities committed under the rule of the Demondim.
  • Dragons do not engender a singular response from elves. Whiles elves do recognize that each dragon has a unique outlook, they generally believe that dragons put too little value on the people of other races.
  • Elves have an almost motherly feeling towards the Faen, feeling protective of them while enjoying their playful disposition. Elves may not fully trust a faen’s judgement, but they do believe in their innate goodness.
  • The Janissa are viewed with some sadness, built upon the belief that the Janissa are not fulfilling their lives while in service to the Giants.

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