Female sidhe

The Sidhe were the second group of Immortals created by A-dui. As part of The Awakening She took clumps of the rich soil from the first forests, formed slender humanoids, and animated them by weaving strands of Her hair through each individual.

The Sidhe are a group of tall, thin people, varying in coloration from a light tan to a dark brown. They lived in the forests from which they were created and reveled in the vastness of the life around them. The Sidhe drew upon this life to fuel their magic and were able to greatly control their surroundings, but they used this power, A-dui’s gift, to enhance the forest and live as a part of it. During their time on Mire-Brissay they also brought to life many new species and wrought many items of wondrous magic.

When the Firstborn arrived in world, the Sidhe took the Elves as their children and taught them much of their knowledge and lore. The Elves adopted the Sidhe’s love of the forests and their fascination with life, magic, and beauty. Elements of the Elven culture reflect these and link back to the ways of the Sidhe.

When the Titans proposed The Accord of Withdrawal the Sidhe saw the wisdom in The Immortals leaving the physical plane and Mire-Brissay. They withdrew to The Great Forest Below, a primal plane of forests. There the Sidhe continue to explore the wonders of life and house the spirits of the deceased while they (the spirits) await rebirth into the world.


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