Credits for artwork on this site

All images on this campaign site are the original property of the copyright holders and are used solely for non-commercial purposes here under the “fair use convention”. I will gladly credit or remove any images at the request of the copyright holder.

Banner picture
This is a new banner that I had an picture of on my computer from many days ago. I no longer recall where it came from. Sorry about that. The original banner image was part of a painting done by Rowena Morrill.

Great Wyrms
This is an image “Negga – Fire Wyrm” from Nicholas Cloister at

This is a painting by Johan at Graphaddict

I think this is an image from Guild Wars, at least that’s what this site leads me to believe.

I found this picture on a Wallpaper site and I think it is from Hellgate: London.

I found this picture of Maruts from DDO at Anne Trent’s site, but I am not sure of the original source. After searching for a good image that fit my vision of the Giants this one was very close to what I wanted.

This picture of an elf ranger was done by lynnalia and can be found at

The picture of the Giant Castle is artwork by J.Brown on The picture of the Giant King is from, I believe, World of Warcraft, which I found on

Both images are from Peter Jackson’s J.R.R.Tolkein movies, The elves walking are from The Two Towers the female elf fighting is from The Desolation of Smaug.

The picture of the dwarves drinking is from the movie, The Hobbit. The picture of the Dwarven city is from the video game Dragon Age.

I found the picture of the Cat Lord on the Gaia Online forum through Google, but I don’t know the original source of the image. The picture of the Heesh is from a mod of the Skyrim game.

Credits for artwork on this site

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