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  • Titans

    !(media-item-align-right){height:384px;width:512px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/137884/TitanGiant_extended.jpg(Titan giant extended)! According to legend the Titans were the first of the [[Immortals]] created by [[A-dui]]. They were created …

  • Sidhe

    !(media-item-align-left){height:500px;width:350px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/137882/Female_Sidhe.jpg(Female sidhe)! The Sidhe were the second group of [[Immortals]] created by [[A-dui]]. As part of [[The Awakening]] She took clumps of the …

  • Great Wyrms

    !(media-item-align-right){height:445px;width:318px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/137886/Great_Wyrm.jpg(Great wyrm)! The Great Wyrms were the third of the [[Immortals]] created by [[A-dui]]. They were formed from the rocks and soils of the …

  • Chthons

    !(media-item-align-right){height:400px;width:437px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/138153/Chthon.jpg(Chthon)! The Chthons were the last of the [[Immortals]] created by [[A-dui]]. Having used materials from all parts of the surface world He chose …

  • The Races of People

    There are two main groups of the Races of People on [[Mire-Brissay]]. These first people of these races were all born from the eggs that [[A-dui]] left behind when He departed. Their birth and subsequent expansion was foretold by A-dui in the [[First …

  • Immortals

    According to [[The Book of Ages]] written by the sage, the Immortals were the first sentient creatures created by [[A-dui]], the Uncreated God creator of [[Mire-Brissay]]. They were created from handful of earth and one of his breaths. The four …

  • Firstborn

    The Firstborn were the first races to awaken and they number four - [[Gayo-Marten]], [[Aos Si]], [[Khothu]], and [[Demondim]]. Each of these four are long-lived, powerful races and they grew up under the guidance of the [[Immortals]]. They remain the …

  • Secondborn

    The Secondborn, also called the Younger Races or the Late Comers, were born from their eggs many years after the Firstborn and after the Immortals had departed Mire-Brissay. There were eight of the Secondborn - [[Humans]], [[Khazad]], [[Janissa]], [[ …

  • souls

    The soul is a piece of the Uncreated God, [[A-dui]], that gives a special life to the [[People]] of [[Mire-Brissay]]. The major religions state that only the races created by A-dui, either directly or, as foretold in the [[First Prophecy]], born later …

  • Soulless

    The Soulless are the created races that inhabit [[Mire-Brissay]]. Some were created deliberately by either the [[Immortals]] or a [[Firstborn]] race, such as the [[cacodaemons]] by the [[Chthons]] and the [[demondim-spawn]] by the [[Demondim]]. Others …

  • People

    People refers to the races of [[Mire-Brissay]] that have [[souls]]. These include the [[Firstborn]], the [[Secondborn]], and the [[Immortals]]. People are believed to have free will and are considered different from the [[Soulless]].

  • Lost Race

    Some scholars believe that there was once an eighth Secondborn race. Small hints and obscure references are the only evidence supporting this, but the idea doesn't go away.

  • Gayo-Marten

    Gayo-Marten is the name of the race of [[Giants]] in their own native language. Giants is the word used in the [[Trade Tongue]] to name this race.

  • Aos Si

    Aos Si is the name for the race of [[Elves]] in their own language, [[Elvish]].

  • Khothu

    Khothu is the name for the race of [[Dragons]] in the [[Draconic]] language.

  • Khazad

    Khazad is the [[Dwarven]] name for the race of people called [[Dwarves]] in the [[Trade Tongue]].

  • Janissa

    Janissa is the formal name for the race that many call the [[Dog Soldiers]].

  • Yokai

    Yokai is the name that the [[Faen]] call their race.

  • Heesh

    Heesh is the name of the [[Cat People]] in their own tongue.

  • Panthers

    Panthers is a slang term for the race of [[Cat People]], also called [[Heesh]].

  • Xindi

    The Xindi are a race of reptilian humanoids, commonly called [[Lizardmen]]. They are one of the [[Secondborn]] and grew up in the shadow, though not direct supervision, of the [[Dragons]].

  • Giants

    !(media-item-align-left)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/275859/Giants.jpg?1387659578(Giants.jpg)!The race of Giants are one of the [[Firstborn]] races. There exist a handful of different sub-races of giants, but most of these are rare, uncivilized, …

  • The Blood-Marked

    The Blood-Marked, or [[Blooded]], are believed to be the fulfillment of the [[Third Prophecy]] which foretold of the appearance of individuals bearing the blood of the [[Immortals]]. Individuals with unique markings on their bodies, [[stigmata]], and …

  • stigmata

    Stigmata refers to the physical marking that one of [[The Blood-Marked]] shows on his or her body and which identifies the blood tie of that individual to one of the Immortals. The stigmata may appear anywhere on a person's body and thus may be visible …

  • Blooded

    The Blooded or just Blooded is a short hand name for the individuals who carry the blood of the [[Immortals]], i.e., [[The Blood-Marked]].

  • Elves

    The race of Elves are one of the [[Firstborn]] races. They generally live in the forests and wooded lands of [[Mire-Brissay]]. In their own language, Elvish, they name themselves [[Aos Si]] which means the People of the Forest. Elves were found by the …

  • Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers is the colloquial name for the [[Janissa]]. It is sometimes used disparagingly by those who think less of the Janissa for their subservience to the [[Giants]].

  • Lizardmen

    Lizardmen is the popular name for the race of people who call themselves [[Xindi]].

  • Cat People

    Cat People is the common name for the [[Heesh]], one of the [[Secondborn]] races.

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