Mire-Brissay is a world full of shades of black and white, grey and colors. It is a deadly world, tinged with magic, but ruled by the cultures of its most powerful races – the Giants, the Elves, the Dragons, and the Demondim. Competing cultures that are pushing it towards a future of redemption or destruction. It is a world in need of heroes to guide its destiny. But heroes are not just what you see on the outside – their physical attributes or their equipment. It is their character that matters. Character displayed through the actions they take, the alliances they make, and the values they live. What they do will shape their future, whether history regards them as heroes or villains, or remarks on them not at all.

Mire-Brissay is a complicated world, but there are five major elements that make it distinct from our own world and many of the worlds that populate works of fantasy.

First, Mire-Brissay is a world defined by its cultures, the outgrowths of the original inhabitants of the world, the Immortals. Its history has been shaped by the different values, practices, and religious beliefs of the four major cultural groups – Giantish, Elvish, Draconic, and Demonic. Almost all individuals belong to one of these cultural groups, or one of the minor cultures – Dwarven and an emergent Humanist. While not openly in conflict today, the major wars of the past have been driven by the differences between these groups. And there remains an underlying tension between each group, such that a person’s cultural allegiance is usually what others consider first when dealing with that person.

Second, not only are the peoples of Mire-Brissay split among competing cultures, but the world itself is split into a myriad of Fragments. This was the result of the War of the Shattering. Only the magic of the most powerful individuals managed to save the world from complete destruction and stabilize each fragment as a livable piece of the world. Travel between the Fragments is limited and entails great risk.

Third, magic is rare, but commonly acknowledged. Powerful magic is even rarer. The Immortals and the oldest of the Firstborn wielded great magic, but successive bloody wars and the demands of maintaining the shattered Fragments have reduced such power today. Few persons today, if any, have the ability to match the mages of old. Still the users of magic are viewed by most people either with desire or with fear or both. However, there may be hidden ruins though where the remnants of the older magic remain.

Fourth, death is common. Mire-Brissay is a hard world, full of danger and pain. Everything has a risk. Even the use of magic can be dangerous to the caster. And when it does occur death is almost always a one-way door out of the world. The ability to come back from death is a rare and wondrous thing, not to be taken for granted. Clerics with healing spells are rare, not commonplace. Surviving to be old and powerful is a goal not often achieved. Most individuals in Mire-Brissay are satisfied with just surviving, and rising to great individual ability is the exception.

Fifth, when A-dui, the Creator, left the physical plane of existence He shared the Third Prophecy – Individuals bearing the mark of Immortal blood would come into the world when heroes were needed. Many would be called, fewer would answer the call, and fewer still would leave their own mark on the world, whether for good or for ill. These individuals, called The Blooded or Blood-Marked, have begun to appear in the world, bringing with them new powers and raising the fears and hopes of the people. Are you one of them?

Given these differences it should be known that the rules that govern are different from standard canon, as is the flavor of the game. Peek Behind the Screen to see how this works.