The Age of Paradise

The Age of Immortals

  • The Immortals live alone on Mire-Brissay, creating new wonders
  • The Firstborn appear in the world
  • The Immortals teach the Firstborn much of their knowledge
  • The War of Immortals breaks out
  • The first Immortals die from the edge of The Swords of Slaying
  • The Accord of Withdrawal ends the war and the Immortals leave Mire-Brissay
  • The Age of Immortals ends

The Golden Age

  • The Firstborn begin rebuilding their cities and countries while expanding their populations
  • Period called the Peace of Isolation lasts for around 1,700 years
  • During this time The Great Church, the church of the Giants, codifies the beliefs of the Giants.
  • The Secondborn arrive in Mire-Brissay
  • Over a period of several hundred years most of the Secondborn races/communities align themselves with one of the Firstborn races, learn parts of their knowledge, and adopt their cultural traits
  • Secondborn populations expand, raising tensions between races, and leading to the Border Wars

The Clash of Cultures

  • Ompre appears for the first time in Mire-Brissay
  • The Border Wars escalates into a world-wide war, Ompre’s War, for control of Mire-Brissay and rages on for 250 years as alliances form, break-up, and reform across cultural boundaries
  • The Great Betrayal occurs when sub-groups of many races, swayed by Ompre, join the Demondim and push them closer to victory
  • The Empire of Giants is formed to counter the Great Betrayal and links all the kingdoms of Giants across the world (year 1 in the common calendar)
  • The Giants, in alliance with the Elves and a few Dragons, begin to push back the Demondim and their allies
  • The Necromancer completes The Shattering and places the whole world on the brink of destruction

The Lost Age

  • The most powerful individuals from all the races follow The Black Path and find a desperate solution to their broken world
  • The Runestones are used to stabilize the Fragments of the world, but cannot reform Mire-Brissay into one world
  • With most of the leading individuals gone, and with cities, countries, and fragments isolated, civilization retreats
  • The Demondim-spawn appear and over the next 60 years capture a large portion of Mire-Brissay including many Secondborn communities
  • The Demondim-spawn and their masters, the Demondim, rule in many areas for 200-300 years
  • The Empire of Giants is reborn, in part through the use of dragonships, and over 120 years defeats the Demondim-spawn on most fragments

The Age of Heroes

  • Coincident with the ongoing defeat of the Demondim-spawn the first Blood-marked individual is born, ushering in the current age, which historians have begun to call the Age of Heroes (year 757)
  • The Five Kingdoms is founded (year 771)
  • The first human church, the Church of Kalkin, is founded and its clerics wield a new type of magical ability (year 780)
  • Other religions catering to Secondborn are formed and begin to spread among those communities
  • The current year is 792


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