The Races of People

There are two main groups of the Races of People on Mire-Brissay. These first people of these races were all born from the eggs that A-dui left behind when He departed. Their birth and subsequent expansion was foretold by A-dui in the First Prophecy. These two groups are:

The Firstborn

The Firstborn were the first races to awaken and they number four. They are named in Faranji, the Trade Tongue as:

Each of these four are long-lived, powerful races and they grew up under the guidance of the Immortals. They remain the dominant races in the world today.

The Secondborn

The Secondborn, also called the Younger Races or the Late Comers, were born from their eggs many years after the Firstborn and after the Immortals had departed Mire-Brissay. There were eight of the Secondborn:

Many of the Secondborn were tutored and raised by one of the Firstborn races and adopted their culture. The Secondborn races tend to be smaller, less powerful, shorter lived, but more numerous in numbers.

There are other groups and races of sentient creatures on Mire-Brissay, but only these are called People, and only these are known to have souls. It is believed by most races that only People can be reunited with A-Dui upon His return. Thus killing one of the People is considered to be a serious act by most races. Other races are known as the Soulless and the main religions do not accord them the same treatment as they do the races of People.

There are no individuals of mixed blood in Mire-Brissay, i.e., no half-elves or half-orcs.

The Races of People

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