The History of Mire-Brissay

According to The Book of Ages, this is the Timeline of Mire-Brissay’s history.

The Age of Paradise

The Age of Paradise was the period before the recorded history when A-dui was present in Mire-Brissay. During this period He created the Immortals, taught them of the world and magic, and gave them the Four Prophecies before departing.

The Age of Immortals

The Age of Immortals is the period during which the Immortals walked on the world. The Firstborn also first appeared during this time. The First Age concluded with the War of the Immortals which was ended by the forging of The Swords of Slaying, the first of The Three Acts of Defilement. Subsequently The Accord of Withdrawal resulted in most of the Immortals leaving Mire-Brissay.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age was a period of peace during which the Firstborn expanded their knowledge and presence, codified their religious beliefs, and built up their cultures. The Secondborn appeared in the latter half of the Golden Age and most adopted the cultural traits of one of the Firstborn races. Their appearance led to the Border Wars which ended the Golden Age.

The Clash of Cultures

The Border Wars expanded world-wide in The Clash of Cultures, fueled in part by the machinations of Ompre, a mysterious and powerful individual, and became known as Ompre’s War. The Great Betrayal, The Second Act of Defilement, was caused by Ompre and led to splinter groups of Firstborn and Secondborn fighting against their own kind. The creation of the Empire of Giants turned the balance of the war. The war, and this Age, ended when The Necromancer, presumed to be one of Ompre’s lieutenants completed ritual for The Shattering, The Third Act of Defilement, which broke the world into thousands of pieces.

The Lost Age

The Lost Age began with the most powerful individuals in the world following The Black Path, discovering The Runestones, and using these to stabilize the Fragments of the now shattered world. However with communities devastated and isolated, civilization retreated broadly. The appearance of the Demondim-spawn allowed the Demondim to finally fulfill their dream of conquest of many of the Fragments. However the rebirth of the Empire of Giants, and their use of dragonships to travel between Fragments, slowly pushed back the Demondim and effectively brought The Lost Age to an end.

The Age of Heroes

This is the current age and it has been highlighted by the continuing retreat of the Demondim. There have also been major changes in the cultural structure of the world. The Blood-Marked have appeared on Mire-Brissay and churches specific to the Secondborn races have been established. With much change occurring, and lost secrets being re-discovered, the opportunity for individuals to leave their mark on the world is once again ascendant.

The History of Mire-Brissay

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