The Blood-Marked

The Blood-Marked, or Blooded, are believed to be the fulfillment of the Third Prophecy which foretold of the appearance of individuals bearing the blood of the Immortals. Individuals with unique markings on their bodies, stigmata, and wielding new powers have recently appeared in Mire-Brissay. The Blooded are still rare however and very few people will have ever met or even learned the name of one.

The Blooded are said to carry the blood of one of the Immortal races – Titans, Sidhe, Great Wyrms, or Chthons – and their unique powers derive from this link. The stigmata signifying this blood tie varies for each of the Immortals. The stigmata also grows in size and complexity as the individual grows in power. A Blood-Marked person is almost always of the same culture as that of his or her ancestor Immortal. e.g., a Blooded Giant would have Titan blood, though there have been rare exceptions to this. Most of the Blooded are from the Firstborn races, but a few are rumored to be Secondborn.

The Blood-Marked are viewed in many different, often opposing ways. They are held in reverence and they are considered alien. They are sought after and they are shunned. They are looked to for support and they are feared as possible opponents. The one constant is that everyone expects something of them. They will surely have a major role to play in the future of Mire-Brissay, but whether for good or evil is yet to be known.

Because of all of this some of the Blooded choose to keep this aspect of their lives a secret. Whether or not they can succeed in this remains unknown since Fate seemingly has a special role for them to play.

The Blood-Marked

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