Books, movies, and other sources of ideas and concepts

Many ideas and concepts that influenced my design of Mire-Brissay came from books and movies. The major ones are noted below along with some that are just my personal favorites.

The Shattered World and The Burning Realm , both by Michael Reaves gave me the idea of a world split into pieces, held together by magic, and the schools of magic. I liked the idea of Fragments of the world as a means of keeping play isolated, but allowing the possibility of very different places to exist.

The concepts of the Immortals and the Firstborn draw heavily from ancient myths from around the world – Chthons and Titans from the Greek, Sidhe from the Celtic, and Great Wyrms from European.

My interest in fantasy and gaming was pushed along by several classics, which, while not having a direct influence on my world, did effect my overall view of fantasy.

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien needs little introduction. It inspired me in both the book and the movie forms.

An early favorite of mine was Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles with its unfolding mysteries. I also found many of his other books full of interesting ideas, especially his alternative takes on religions.

Another author whose books I read with gusto is Glen Cook. His Dread Empire filled my mind with interesting, but flawed characters and grand schemes. And his Black Company mixed great magic with deadly, gritty combat.

Babylon 5 is, to me, one of the greatest television shows I have seen. The concept of story arcs, the rise and fall of people and civilizations, the consequences of choices made and not made, and grand schemes was captivating and is what I would like to emulate in my game. You can get some behind the scenes information from the creator of the series J. Michael Straczynski here.

Outside of the gaming realm the work of Joseph Campbell has helped me shape the religions that are present in Mire-Brissay. I strongly recommend The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth.

Writing and Concept Help

R. James Gavreau helped me by writing up the sections on cultures based upon my notes. He added details and color that brought the description each culture to a higher level. I met James through his Kickstarter project Strange Nations in which he creatd a number of unique cultures. You can find his writing at White Marble Block.

Books, movies, and other sources of ideas and concepts

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