Behind the Screen

A little background on me will help put the following sections in context. I started playing D&D in the early days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I played in collage in three different campaign worlds that were home-brews and sandboxes. Though there were published campaign worlds (Greyhawk) at that time, and some adventures, almost all of what we played was free-form, including modifications to the rules to fit what we thought was best.

My DMing style is an outgrowth of these days, though I like to believe it has improved with time. However several key themes remain strong today:

  • My campaign world is a home-brew and the rules have been modified to fit its flavor. I will make rulings to keep play flowing and to maintain the feel of the campaign.
  • Adventures are driven by character desires, not adventure paths, though sometimes the world will come to the characters.
  • Rarity is common, i.e., there are no general stores where everything is available for purchase.
  • Character turnover (i.e., death or retirement) is not uncommon, thus having NPCs around provides some level of safety.

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Behind the Screen

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